The Best Adventure Activities in Los Cabos!

Luis Ernesto de la Garza Carballo

The Best Adventure Activities in Los Cabos

Do you love the adrenaline rush that you get from trying new and exciting activities when you travel? In addition to the excellent hotels in Los Cabos, you'll also find a whole host of activities to enjoy. Here are some fun adventure sports in Los Cabos:

Dolphin Encounter in Los Cabos1. Dolphin Encounter in Los Cabos

Interact with dolphins during your family vacation in Los Cabos on a Dolphin Kids tour. Adults can also enjoy a fun-filled Dolphin Royal Swim tour with Dolphin Discovery, or if you’d prefer to try something a bit more daring, opt for the Dolphin Swim and Ride tour with Dolphin Discovery.





Zip Line Adventures in Los Cabos2. Zip Line Adventures in Los Cabos

One of the most sought after activities in this exciting destination is zip line adventures and the mountains of Los Cabos and Costa Azul Canyon are fascinating places to give it a try. You’ll also find options such as the Wild Canyon Eco Park, with the expansive Flying Tortuga Ziplines.





Diving in Los Cabos3. Diving in Los Cabos

There are lots of ways to enjoy diving in Los Cabos, including everything from classes to deep sea diving in the open waters, all depending on your skills and certification. You can also experience a mini-sub dive in a personal submarine, without needing any special training, and explore the fascinating underwater world.





Snorkeling in Los Cabos4. Snorkeling in Los Cabos

Enjoy a snorkel tour with lunch on the SunRider catamaran or a full day snorkel cruise complete with food and activities. There are also options to explore the ocean with snorkeling tours at Pelican Rock, Santa Maria or Chileno Bay, where the waters are calm and full of marine life. If you also like to paddle, opt for a kayaking and snorkeling trip to the bays of Los Cabos. It’s an experience you’re sure to love!




ATVs in Los Cabos5. ATVs in Los Cabos

Climb sand dunes and race over rocks through the mountains and desert to the beach on an All Terain Xrail Adventure or an ATV Tour to Migrino Beach, where you can spot whales if you’re there in season or simply go for a relaxing dip in the ocean.






Camel Rides in Los Cabos6. Camel Rides in Los Cabos

Imagine a camel encounter across the sand dunes like you’re in the African desert. In Los Cabos there are various companies, such as Camel Quest, that can take you to experience an outback and camel safari in the desert.






Explore the Beaches of Los Cabos7. Explore the Beaches of Los Cabos

The length of the Los Cabos Tourist Corridor, from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo, you’ll find excellent beaches and it’s worth taking a boat ride to admire the views. If you prefer something more exclusive, opt for a cruise such as the Pacific Sunset Cruise, where you can spot seals in the bays of Los Cabos, or admire the sunset from the famous Arch of Los Cabos while savoring a delicious dinner on the SunRider catamaran. If you’re looking for a romantic and intimate tour to share with that special someone, consider a horseback safari on the beach, which is also a great option for a day of family fun!




By Luis Ernesto de la Garza