Cabo Wabo

José Aguilar


Cabo Wabo, Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas used to be just a small fishing village at the end of a long dusty road in Baja California Sur, until Sammy Haggar, a professional rock 'n' roller built hisCabo Wabo Cantina there. To get the cantina up and running and create his own brand of tequila involved a lot of hard work, but for sure everything was done with a good time in mind.

Tequila Cabo WaboWhat exactly is tequila? Tequila is famous around the globe and is by far the most representative drink of Mexico. It requires many long hours to make a really high quality product using the extract that comes from Blue Agave, a kind of cactus that is cultivated only in certain parts of Jalisco and small areas of several other states in Mexico. The process begins with thefermentation and distillation of liquid extracted off the Agave. More than 150 out of the 200 varieties of plants are found on Mexican territory and in order to be considered 'real' Tequila, the drink must be made in Jalisco and must contain at least 51% Agave. The tequilas made of 100% Agave are considered the best quality.


Cantino Cabo Wabo, CabosIn 1996, Sammy created and tested a brand new tequila while visiting Guadalajara and ultimately took it back toCabo to serve at his nightclub. His tequila is nowadays considered among one of the best in the world. It contains 100% Weber Blue Agave, baked in wood-fired adobe ovens and distilled the old fashioned way, producing a rich, soul-warming taste.

Sammy Hagar, Los CabosCabo Wabo Cantina was awarded the prestigious "Distintivo T" (Distinctive T) by the Tequila Regulating Council (Consejo Regulador del Tequila). This Mexican award is offered to businesses which take pride in spreading the authentic culture of tequila and promoting the origin of Tequila.


Cabo Wabo, Los Cabos

Of course, nohistory of the Cabo Wabo Cantina is complete without the story behind the name. The story goes that one day while driving into Cabo San Lucas, Sammy noticed a local resident 'staggering' along, struggling to keep himself moving forward on foot. As he wobbled into a nearby fence, Sammy thought to himself ''Hey! That guy is doing the Cabo Wabo!'' And so, the name, the Tequila and the history of theCabo Wabo Cantina was born and still continues today.

The Cabo Wabo Cantina!
Where the land ends and the party begins...