Long Live the New Los Cabos Whale Festival!

Luis Ernesto de la Garza

Long Live the New Los Cabos Whale Festival!

There was a time when whales were thought of as terrible marine monsters that threatened the lives of anyone who crossed their path. They are depicted in works of art as beasts with sharp teeth, rough scales, and fearsome expressions. Human fear of these creatures was only exaggerated by the sense of mystery and awe that surrounded them.

Los Cabos Whale Festival 2012 In a different era and culture, they were considered to be divine beings who protected those in need during a storm or in a shipwreck. Nowadays, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Los Cabos whales are seen as natural treasures that play a major part in the marine ecosystem.

The migration path of the whales takes them past Los Cabos from December to April every year, allowing visitors in spring and winter the chance to appreciate Films in the Los Cabos Whale Festival 2012 these graceful animals; you'll even have the chance to touch them if you take part in a whale watching tour with expert guides. For the first time, the presence of these gentle behemoths off the Mexican coastline won't be merely something to be contemplated and admired, it will also be something to be celebrated. Through concerts, art exhibitions, cinema, workshops, conferences, and other fun activities you'll get to learn all about these fantastic cetaceans and their importance to Los Cabos, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Mexico.

Conferences in the Los Cabos Whale Festival 2012 From Thursday, February 9 through Saturday, February 11, conservation, art, and tourism blend into one at a fantastic festival in one of the country's most important tourist destinations. Here, you'll be able to have a great time and relax, as well as enjoying fabulous works of art, and appreciating marine wildlife in a way you'd never have imagined before. Nowadays, whales are most Music in the Los Cabos Whale Festival 2012 definitely not considered to be mythical beasts, and in Los Cabos they are seen as a reason to get together and celebrate. With this new festival we can learn more about Mother Nature and admire the artistic human interpretation of marine life.

San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas both host the festival, and also contribute to the preservation, care, respect and awareness of marine life and the environment. In San Jose del Cabo you can enjoy the work of plastic artists Arts at the Los Cabos Whale Festival 2012 through a diverse array of whale-inspired pieces at a number of galleries, and also listen to a carefully picked selection of live music that will help you to connect more with the underwater world of the whales. In Cabo San Lucas you can enjoy theater shows that explain more about the conservation of these animals, along with movies from a diverse range of genres that touch on the relationship between man and whales. As well as the many fun activities, in both cities there will be a variety of concerts featuring famous Mexican bands playing everything from classical to rock music.

Los Cabos Whale Festival 2012 If you love nature and have had the chance to see the whales before on their annual passage past Los Cabos, then you know this is a great time to celebrate it, and to promote the conservation of these fine specimens as well as all other marine life. Enjoy an incredible vacation exploring this stunning destination with your family, allow yourself time to appreciate its natural beauty, and don't miss out on the chance to take part in the activities that the Los Cabos Whale Festival 2012 has to offer!

By Luis Ernesto de la Garza