Los Cabos on the Open Sea

César Lozano

Los Cabos on the Open Sea

If you happen to be in Los Cabos for a visit and you were awe-stricken by the spectacular aridness of the desert and the beautiful beaches, it's time to feel the wind caressing your hair and a fresh breeze against your face in a nautical sensory treatment: crossing the Sea of Cortez.

Los Cabos on the Open SeaIn Los Cabos, there are a large number of boats that offer a whole series of options. You can go snorkeling and watch the sunset near the Arch of the End of the World, where you can admire the Playa del Amor and the colonies of sea lions. Come and enjoy a romantic dinner with a magnificent ocean view or just go partying, while sipping on a cold beer or a delicious Margarita.

Los Los Cabos on the Open SeaThe boats can take you on pleasure cruises which offer excellent views of the open waters and the bay of Cabo San Lucas for a memorable panoramic photo. The tours usually leave an hour before the sun sets. Prices vary depending on the boat and the amenities offered.

Los Cabos on the Open SeaOn the day trips, the boats leave from the marina and go to the shores of the Bay of Santa Maria and the Bay of Chileno. Almost all of these boats offer 3 to 4 hours of snorkeling or tours to see the whales (only from January to March), both of which may include necessary equipment and a small snack.

Los Cabos on the Open SeaThere are also the catamarans which are ideal for families and small groups, which guarantee good fun for the select group of your choice, all in private. Generally, beer, sodas, bottled water and some liquor are some of the refreshments offered.

Los Cabos on the Open SeaIf you want a bigger boat or wish to dine onboard, there are several elegant options that offer an open bar and Mexican food buffets, where you can eat all you want at truly competitive prices.

Los Cabos on the Open SeaA good example is the CaboRey, a three-level, air conditioned catamaran, the largest of its kind in all of North America. A ride at sunset on this impressive boat includes an exquisite dinner, open bar and fire show that will leave you breathless. CaboRey also offers snorkeling tours.

Los Cabos on the Open SeaOne of the most interesting and most peculiar types of rides is the pirate boat adventure. From the late 1500s till the early 1800s, the waters surrounding Los Cabos were inundated with pirates who waited patiently to pillage the Spanish galleons that would travel from Manila to Acapulco, loaded with goods from the Orient.

Los Cabos on the Open SeaAn example of this is the impressive barge Sunderland, built in 1885, which features canons like the pirate ships of old. There is also a replica of the Buccaneer Queen which offers adventures to people of all ages, all throughout the day. So if you have decided to set sail in one of these unique barges, we recommend wearing sturdy, rubber-soled shoes, a jacket and, of course, bring a camera!

In the majority of cases, the captain in charge shares fascinating stories during these trips. Enjoy the action-packed re-enactments of pirate adventures. Learn about endangered species like the sea turtle and about the complex ecosystem of the Sea of Cortez. Or sail out and observe the impressive migration of the grey whale.

Without a doubt, fun and attractions are also on the open sea of Los Cabos.

Written by César Lozano Díaz