Comondu: A Trip to the "Other" Baja California

Verónica Santamaría


Apart from the beauty of the Sea of Cortez, the enchanting beaches, the luxurious hotel complexes, famous restaurants, impressive golf courses and lively nightlife, Baja California also has many charming places hidden away. There are the lovely natural landscapes of sea and desert which are rich in history, as well as the wide variety of adventure and eco activities. Such is the case in Comondu, a municipality located in the central part of the state consisting of small interesting towns, such as San Jose and San Miguel de Comondu. Both are old, picturesque towns with a history of missions and beautiful neat orchards.

comonduIn Comondu, there is also a modern city called Constitucion, located north of La Paz. The city is considered the second most important in the state because it is the agricultural, livestock and industrial center of the region. For this reason, the city is home to a great variety of hotels, restaurants and services. On the outskirts ofConstitucion, there is a large ostrich farm with so many ostriches that they even export them. The main festival in the city is the Comondu Expo, which takes place in the first 15 days of July. During this time, there are artisan exhibitions, concerts by local and national artists, as well as agriculture and fishing expos.

comonduThe cities with the most attractions in the municipality are Puerto San Carlos and Puerto Lopez Mateos. They are both located on the Bay of Magdalena and during the winter these ports become popular spots for watching grey whales. Throughout the year, this area provides excellent fishing grounds, particularly for marlin, sailfish and yellow fin tuna. There are activities such as surfing, boating, snorkeling and camping all with a phenomenal backdrop that only nature can provide. Another attraction of Puerto San Carlos is the traditional and much anticipated ''Festival of the Whale'' in February, when the town gathers to welcome the arrival of these incredible marine mammals with fun and games.

comonduPuerto Lopez Mateos is a lovely coastal area with long estuaries surrounded by mangroves filled with birds. It has repeatedly been selected by environmentalists and the general public as a site perfect for learning about the biodiversity of the area. Puerto Lopez Mateos is also an ideal place for those who like kayaking.

Comondu, BajaThere are also other marvelous places in the area such as the Margarita and Magdalena Islands, which are well known for their sandy white dunes of incredible beauty. Margarita and Magdalena provide visitors with the perfect natural environment for adventure, bird watching near the Isla de Patos (Duck Island) and eco-activities.

Another site that is a 'must see', especially if you like surfing, is the Bay of San Juanico, where each year surfers wait with anticipation for their turn to ride the huge waves during the Scorpion Bay International Tournament, held in July.

comonduSan Luis Gonzaga is another municipality in Comondu and was originally a mission founded in 1740 with a small community dedicated to cultivating dates, grapes and figs. San Isidro and La Purisima are true oases in the middle of the desert, which have palm trees, orchards and rocky walls to explore. Landmarks to look out for are La Poza del Cantil and the Cerro del Pilon. Many years ago, Jesuit priests saw an abstract image of the Virgin Mary in the surrounding area and considering it a sign from God, they established the Mission of La Purisima Concepcion. The inhabitants of the area still keep alive their traditions through the production of leather and reed handicrafts, as well as embroidered items and knitwear.

The municipality of Comondu is an area that is rich in culture and natural beauty. It is an amazing desert landscape, which combines with beautiful oases and contrasts wonderfully with the blue of the Sea of Cortez. If you like adventure and want to explore Baja California's peninsula then come and discover the Comondu Route, a fantastic way to enjoy your vacation in Mexico.