Attractions Along the Los Cabos Corridor

Luis René Figueroa

Attractions Along the Los Cabos Corridor

Attractions Along the Los Cabos CorridorThe cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo form what's known across the globe as Los Cabos, the third most important tourism destination in Mexico and one of the most prestigious on an international level. These two cities offer completely different lifestyles, but they're connected by a coastal highway strip called the Los Cabos Corridor, known simply as "El Corredor" by the locals. The tranquil and traditional city of San Jose del Cabo features a wide variety of diverse natural and cultural attractions, while Cabo San Lucas is known for its vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches. This coastal strip that connects the two cities is overflowing with incomparable landscapes known for their contrasting geographical features, varied ecosystems, beautiful beaches, incomparable golf courses and luxury hotels, along with a wide variety of recreational activities.

Attractions Along the Los Cabos CorridorThe beautiful state of Baja California Sur is home to this tourism jewel, set on the southernmost point of the Baja California Peninsula. As an extension of the Transpeninsular Highway built in the 1970s, Mexico's National Tourism Support Fund began this 20-mile long project connecting Cabo San Lucas on the western end and San Jose del Cabo on the eastern end.

Attractions Along the Los Cabos CorridorTwo spectacular seas, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, come together right by the Corridor. These waters have been a Mecca for big-game fishing since the 1940s: after World War II, veterans discovered marlins in the area weighing up to 100 pounds, and today the area is known as "The Marlin Capital of the World". Every year, the region hosts international fishing contests and tournaments where mahi mahi and marlin (black, blue and striped) are the main trophies.

Attractions Along the Los Cabos CorridorThe desolate golden-sand beaches of Los Cabos are simply fascinating, bathed in spectacular waters of emerald and dark blue tones. These waters also form the perfect backdrop for enjoying a day of surfing on the ideal waves; in fact, it's one of the few places in Mexico where this sport can be experienced. Some other sites that will take your breath away are Twin Dolphin Beach, Bahia Santa Maria (Saint Mary Bay), Palmilla and the best beach in the area, Bahia Chileno (Chilean Bay).

The lukewarm water temperatures range between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with a visibility oscillating between 60 and 100 feet below the surface, allowing you to experience the indescribable underwater wildlife. If you thought the landscapes of the Corridor were fascinating, just wait until you immerse yourself in the amazing underwater world at sites like Roca del Pelicano (Pelican Rock), Punta Gorda (Big Point), El Chileno (The Chilean), Boca de la Vinorama (Mouth of the Vinorama), El Medano (The Dune), Costa Azul (Blue Coast) and Barco Varado (Stranded Ship).

Attractions Along the Los Cabos CorridorThe area is also famous or its whale-watching season from December through April. Right along Corridor, it's most common to spot immense blue whales, while gray whales and humpback whales are often seen on the far eastern side of the Baja California Peninsula.

Attractions Along the Los Cabos CorridorContrasting geographical features define this area, where desert, mountains and plains alongside beautiful beaches create a true scenic paradise for the eight incredible golf courses on the Los Cabos Corridor, making them one of North America's most important tourist attractions. In the area, there are golf courses with many different difficulty levels, whose design is determined by the surrounding nature, where the desert sand mixes spectacularly with the blue ocean. All of these championship par 72 courses have 18 holes, including Jack Nicklaus' first golf course designed in Latin America, and the Cabo San Lucas Country Club, which looks directly out onto the main landmark in Cabo San Lucas: the world famous Land's End Arch.

Attractions Along the Los Cabos CorridorA paradise-like combination of fine desert sands and the brilliant blue ocean turns various excursions and activities in the area into a truly unique experience for visitors. Some of the most popular recreational activities in this destination are the all-terrain tours, where thrill-lovers can choose from a wide variety of exciting options, including incredible ATV tours in 4x4s, Unimogs (a four-wheel drive, all terrain Mercedes-Benz truck), dune buggies and sand buggies.

Exclusive residential areas, harbors, elegant restaurants and modern bars (most of them set within different resorts), ten thousand hotel rooms, and elegant hotels known for their luxurious facilities are just some of the elements making up the impressive infrastructure set all along the Los Cabos Corridor. Some of the area's most stunning hotels include the HoteAttractions Along the Los Cabos Corridorl Marquis, Cabo de Sol Beach and Golf Resort, and Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos.

In addition to all the previously mentioned excitement, you can also experience windsurfing, kayaking, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, horseback riding, boat excursions, kite skiing, mountain biking and ziplines, along with dozens of other thrilling activities. Take in the spectacular desert filled with cactus, the stunning coastlines, the beauty of the two blue seas, the luxurious hotels and the impressive golf courses. All these make the Los Cabos Corridor a true vacation paradise.