Los Cabos All Terrain Tours: A Real Adventure

Luis René Figueroa

All Terrain Tours

All Terrain ToursLos Cabos, today, is far from being the tranquil region where, in 1730, the first Franciscan mission was established in San Jose del Cabo. Nowadays, the two cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, are known around the world simply as Los Cabos, a region full of fun attractions and visited annually by millions of tourists. Just like the rest of the Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos, located on the southern tip, is also an extremely picturesque area with a wonderful climate all year round, helping make it the ideal place for one of the most exciting attractions in the area: all terrain tours.

All Terrain ToursThere are several factors that have contributed to the popularity of all terrain tours in this beautiful destination. The most important one being that the state of Baja California Sur is home to a variety of different terrain, including desert, mountains, plains, beaches and also two spectacular bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. Hence, this magnificently diverse landscape is perfect for off-road trips on ATV's, or in 4x4 vehicles, Unimogs (all terrain Mercedes-Benz 4x4 trucks) and buggies.

All Terrain ToursAnother factor that has also helped with the popularity of off-road excursions in Los Cabos, is the world famous Baja 1000 race, which has been held in the Baja California desert for more than 30 years.

In the area there are dozens of off-road tour operators offering picturesque pre-set routes of varying durations. All Terrain ToursAll the tours are guided and depart from either Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo or locations along the Tourist Corridor. Make sure you only reserve your tour with respectable, professional operators.

Are you still looking for an exciting all terrain experience? Below you will find a brief description of the best tours in Los Cabos. One thing is for sure, these trips are not for the faint hearted, the unadventurous, or for kids.

ATV Tours
All Terrain ToursThis is a trip for adrenalin junkies, who are looking for the thrill and excitement of off-roading combined with the enjoyment of traveling through incredibly picturesque areas. The ATVtours are for one or two persons and last between two and half and four hours. Experience the amazing beauty of the desert, the beach, the mountains, the dunes, and the small traditional Mexican towns. If you are lucky enough you may come across some of the local wildlife and, who knows, you might even get to see a whale breaching in the distance!

All Terrain Tours4x4 Desert Safari

For those looking for a more ''relaxed'' ride, then this four-hour fascinating adventure through the desert, on board all terrain Unimog Mercedes-Benz trucks, could be just what you are looking for.

Baja Aventura Off Road

All Terrain ToursAs the name implies, this off-road adventure offers a really exciting experience in the desert, in fully equipped, automatic 4x4 Jeep Cherokees. Three spectacular routes are available, which are all guided by professional Baja 1000 drivers. Desert 200 features 20 miles of rustic roads north of Cabo San Lucas; Cabo 400 is a 40 mile trip with one stop at the spectacular Tule Beach; and Pacific 600 offers a four hour, 59 mile quest with one stop at the famous whale watching viewpoint.

Wide Open Cabo Racing Experience

All Terrain ToursCelebrities, such as Paul Newman, Patrick Dempsey, Jessie James, Ben Stiller, Sammy Hagar and Enrique Iglesias, have all participated in this exciting experience at this fabulous 2.5-mile desert race track. There are six different packages to choose from, where you'll get to race in professional cars, for between seven and ten laps of the track.

The Franciscan missionaries never could've imagined what Los Cabos has become nowadays, a tourist paradise, which without a doubt, is the Mecca of the all terrain tour.