Festival Loreto Food and Wine

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Loreto Food and Wine Festival

Between the impressive Sierra de la Giganta mountains and the untamable Sea of Cortez sits the city of Loreto, known as the "Historic Capital of the Californias". This beautiful destination recently celebrated the small pleasures in life with a memorable event filled with enticing cuisine and drinks. The locals organized the first Loreto Food and Wine Festival in March 2012, a smash hit that drew in more than 400 people trying incredible regional recipes and the best wines during the 3-day event.

Loreto Food and Wine Festival

In 2013, Loreto hopes to exceed expectations and bring in an even bigger crowd, featuring participation from the Loreto Restaurant Association for the second year in a row, along with independent businesses and volunteers to create yet another exciting celebration.

Loreto Food and Wine Festival

This festival was originally created to raise funds to benefit the Loreto community. With the earnings from the first festival, the city was able to purchase a 12-Lead-EKG cardiology machine, which was gifted to the local hospital.

Loreto Food and Wine FestivalFor the Second Loreto Food and Wine Festival, fundraising will once again be used for city projects. By participating in raffles, auctions and donations, you'll be contributing to the creation of a better community.

Loreto Food and Wine FestivalWhile you're on vacation in Baja California Sur, take the opportunity to get to know the people of Loreto. Experience an exciting event while sampling excellent cuisine and wine tasting in an incredible atmosphere overflowing with sun, music and fun. This festival is a new way to discover one of the most intriguing Mexican tourist destinations.
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