Regional Dishes: The Culinary Treasures of Los Cabos

Verónica Santamaría

Spas in Los Cabos

seafood soupLos Cabos can be enjoyed in many different ways, including diving in the Sea of Cortez, playing golf on one of its breathtaking courses encircled by the wonderful desert and ocean, or sampling the delectable local cuisine. It is said that to really know a state it is necessary to try the local dishes and this tourist destination is no exception, with much to offer visitors in the way of delicious localgastronomic delights. There are also a wide range of exclusive restaurants where gourmet international cuisine is expertly prepared and served.

missionariesWhen missionaries arrived to Baja California Sur they brought with them olives, wheat and corn crops from their native lands. During this time, new dishes were created as a result of the interaction between missionaries and the indigenous people of the region. However, the Jesuits were exiled from these new lands because of revolting against the rules of the King and the Church, and most of the indigenous cities also disappeared. Therefore the process of inventing and fusing new and interesting dishes ground to a halt, quite the opposite of what happened in many other cities in Mexico. As a result, Baja California Sur doesn't have the variety and depth of flavors found in the regional cuisine of many other states in the Mexican Republic, however it's no less delicious, and features a whole host of interesting dishes made of freshly caught seafood and fish from the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

smoked marlinAmong the culinary delicacies that you can find in Los Cabos are the flavorsome ''Almejas Chocolatas Tatemadas'' (grilled clams cooked on beach stones and covered with ''romerillo'', a kind of shrub that grows in the desert), the delicious battered fish and shrimp tacos, and not forgetting the famous ''Marlin Ahumado'' (Smoked Marlin).

lobsterOther exquisite dishes are prepared with lobster, abalone and shrimp. The local cuisine mixes a great variety of flavors, which can be appreciated in the ''Machaca de Pescado o Mantarraya'' (a dish prepared with pounded fish or stingray, and seasoned with chili and other native spices), ''Jaibas Rellenas'' (stuffed crab), and ''Chilorio de Abulon o Calamar'', (a dish made from abalone or squid, seasoned with garlic, oregano, cumin, coriander seeds, salt and pepper, which is then fried in lard and cooked in a dried-chili sauce.

bacanoraSome of the most scrumptious traditional dishes are ''Tamales Fajados'' (steam-cooked corn, filled with chicken), as well as ''Tamales de Guemes'', prepared with pork, chicken, raisins, olive oil and olives, or the very typical ''Comida de Pobres'' (food of the poor), which is a seafood soup, rice with vegetables and beans, always served with warm flour tortillas. These meals are usually eaten with a variety of different drinks, such as ''Clamato'' (tomato juice and seasoned clams), dragon fruit water, or ''Damiana liqueur'' (made from the damiana shrub, sugarcane alcohol and sugar). An indigenous group, called the Guaycura, used to make and drink this beverage during their ceremonies because of its digestive properties and relaxing effect on the body. It is also considered by many people as a potent aphrodisiac. The most popular desserts are prepared with the pulp of fruit, such as ''Ates'' (fruit jelly candies), or fruit in syrup.

seafoodDiscover more about this incredible destination through its regional dishes in which seafood features heavily, and find yourself on a trip of amazing gastronomic variety. You can find, not only inLos Cabos but in any city in Baja California Sur, incredible dishes that will delight your palate because of their traditional and unique flavors.