Grab your snorkel and… go for a swim in Los Cabos!

Luis Ernesto de la Garza Carballo

Snorkel in Los Cabos

Marine Life in Los CabosImagine exploring the crystal clear ocean waters just a few yards from the shore, where you’ll be surrounded by countless fish and marine species that seem unafraid and welcoming. Sound like paradise? Out of the ordinary? Exclusive and too expensive? Well, it’s not. I just experienced an incredible snorkeling and adventure tour in Los Cabos, and not only did I thoroughly enjoy it, but I also gained a better understanding of why this destination is one of the most important and attractive in the world.

Boat Tour in Los CabosThe adventure begins before you board the boat in the Cabo San Lucas marina, where the guides will review all of the basic safety information and provide you with fins, life jackets, and snorkeling gear. All of the equipment is high quality and you’ll get the sense that everything is very well-organized.


Reef in Los CabosThe boat traveled so quickly that the wind nearly blew the hat right off my head. The waves splashed us as we skirted the coast of Cabo San Lucas to the bay of Playa Chileno, one of the most tranquil and beautiful areas along the Tourist Corridor of Los Cabos. There’s also the option of visiting Santa Maria Bay and Pelican Rock, both equally beautiful.

Contact with marine life in Los CabosAs you can imagine, the snorkeling and adventure tour is an unforgettable experience, during which you’ll feel connected to nature, as well as having the opportunity to enjoy a variety of aquatic activities. Another boat arrived behind ours that was loaded with lots of what our guides referred to as “toys,” items such as kayaks, paddleboards and sea scooters, which they unloaded for us and we got ready to play!

Kayak in Los CabosThe experience of sailing quietly in a kayak along the coast or diving into the ocean on a sea scooter is exciting and freeing. Mastering the paddleboard so that you’re practically standing on the surface of the water is also amazing, but I must admit it requires some practice and patience


Boat tour in Los CabosThe duration of this tour is perfect for trying all of the “toys” and having a great time. Once back at the marina, we enjoyed a tour of the highlights of Los Cabos, including the famous Land’s End Arch, Lover’s Beach, Neptune’s Finger and an area that’s home to a colony of wild sea lions that are some of the friendliest I’ve ever seen.

Snorkel in Los CabosThis tour exceeded all my expectations and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I can assure you that, given the opportunity, I would definitely do it again. How about you? Don’t wait any longer; grab your snorkel… and go for a swim in Los Cabos!

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Written by Luis Ernesto de la Garza