History of Golf in Los Cabos

Andrew Birch

Golf in Los Cabos

The rich beauty and combination of culture and architecture, exclusive to the Los Cabos region, act as a stunning backdrop for a great golfing vacation. From San Jose del Cabo along the Tourist Corridor to Cabo San Lucas, the area is known for spectacular beaches and breathtaking views, which makes it the perfect place for a day's golf. Over the past twenty years, as the region's tourism has grown, the sport of golf has grown with it, turning the area into one of the world's most popular golf destinations.

Golf Course in Los CabosSo, where did golf originally come from? How did this region so suddenly become one of its greatest hosts?

The modern game of golf as we know it today was invented in Scotland, although the origins of the sport date back to 13th century Holland. Golf has been popular for centuries, and has gradually become a worldwide phenomenon. It is the most popular solo sport in the world, and provides a thrill for players of every standard, from first time amateurs to the seasoned pros of the PGA Tour.

Golf in Cabo San LucasDuring the '50s, Hollywood celebrities used to fly down to Cabo San Lucas in private planes to fish. It wasn't until the highway from Tijuana opened in 1974 that tourists began discovering the sparkling jewel that is Los Cabos.

This beautiful region, at the tip of the Baja California peninsula, is the proud home of six championship courses. Championship golf started in Los Cabos almost twenty years ago, in 1993, with the opening of the Palmilla Golf Club, which was designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, considered to be one of the sports greatest ever players. The impact on the area has been phenomenal. Don Koll, the developer who commissioned Nicklaus to design the course, dreamed of the area as a world-class resort vacation center, and that dream has truly been realized.

Golf in San Jose del CaboThe original investment from FONATUR (the Mexican trust for promoting tourism), in 1974, and later the development of the San Jose del Cabo Campo de Golf (now known as the Mayan Palace Golf Course Los Cabos) has seen the sport and the region grow hand in hand. Los Cabos has been the site of the PGA Senior Slam tournament since 1995, promoting further exposure of both the sport and the beauty of the region.

Golf in Los CabosThe six signature Los Cabos championship golf courses are sometimes considered to be intimidating, but that hasn't stopped the constant flow of golfers of all levels willing to take on the challenge. More experienced players will admire the genius that went into the designs, whereas less experienced players will just enjoy the challenge and the breathtaking views during the round.

The main feature of Los Cabos, that sets it aside from other popular golfing destinations, is the range of colors reflected on the surface of the Sea of Cortez, as the majority of courses provide a wealth of holes right next to the ocean. Combine the sea views with the white sandy beaches and the beauty of the desert and you end up with a golfer's paradise.

Golf Course in Los CabosLos Cabos is one of the few tropical deserts in the world, with very little rain during the year, so you're virtually guaranteed a beautifully sunny day during your round.

The golf courses in Los Cabos have become an integral part of the region's landscape, entwined in the strip of land between the ocean and the desert, offering beautiful views of both.

Come and find out for yourself the exquisiteness of this picturesque area, and feel the thrill of sending a fantastic drive down the fairway with the Sea of Cortez framing the flight of the ball. Whether you are beginner or an expert golfer you will fall in love with the spectacular courses in Los Cabos!