Rolex IGFA Offshore Championship Tournament, Los Cabos 2007

Mireille Pasos

Torneo Rolex de Pesca Deportiva

In the past few years, Sport fishing has become one of the most popular leisure activities around the world.

Torneo de Pesca Deportiva Los Cabos 2007

Sport fishing, or game fishing, are terms used to describe recreational fishing where the challenge is in finding and catching the fish, rather than the culinary or financial value of the meat. What probably attracts people most to this sport is that it allows them to enjoy outdoor activities while chasing after slippery fish. The fishing is done with hook, line, rod and reel rather than with nets or other aids.


Torneo de Pesca DeportivaWhen participating in a tournament there are regulations established by either national or regional fishing federations that have to be followed.

Every year, the Rolex IGFA (International Game Fish Association) Offshore Championship Tournament is held in Los Cabos. After winning a string of qualifying events, 77 crews from nearly 40 different countries are chosen to compete in this world-famous tournament. The Rolex IGFA Offshore Championship Tournament is the biggest "catch and release" competition around de world.

Pesca DeportivaCompetitors have to catch striped marlin, tuna, wahoo and other big billfish, which are released later on. The grand prize is a trophy and a Rolex watch.

Whether you have followed any of the previous tournaments or not, you can be sure this event is exciting to watch.

The Rolex IGFA Offshore Championship Tournament will take place in Los Cabos from May 20th to May 25th, 2007. Bring your family and have fun while cheering for your favorite team. Become a part of the most important game fish tournament around the world!