Seals, Whales, and Rays in the Sea of Cortez

Luis Ernesto de la Garza Carballo

Seals in the Sea of Cortez

The spectacular array of marine wildlife in the Sea of Cortez is so diverse that the French explorer Jacques Cousteau called it "The World's Aquarium". Best of all, the animals here can be seen almost the whole year round! The excellent tourist services in Los Cabos mean that you can easily explore the fantastic marine world of the Sea of Cortez during your visit.

There is a large colony of seals and sea lions in the rocky area of Cabo San Lucas by Land's End. This is an excellent place to take a photo of these fascinating creatures as you admire the stunning natural beauty of your surroundings. An easy way to get here is on a beach hopping tour of Los Cabos.

Flying Manta Rays in the Sea of CortezVarious species of whales take advantage of the warm, peaceful waters of the Sea of Cortez to give birth to their young. Every year they make the trip from the north through the Pacific Ocean to these waters, where it is easy to see them swimming and breaching the surface. Imagine having the unforgettable experience of touching a whale! If you're lucky you can do so when you go on a whale-watching tour.

The range of species in the Sea of Cortez is very impressive; everything from mollusks, squid, lobsters, and manta rays to porpoises, turtles, and dolphins call this place home. Admire the rays as they glide along the surface of the sea accompanied by dolphins and whales, in a wonderful exhibition of life in this underwater world.

By Luiser de la Garza