A Wellness Oasis in the Desert: Spas in Los Cabos

Susana Cabrera

Spas in Los Cabos

The magnificent scenery of the territory that extends from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas (known as Los Cabos) presents a spectacular contrast of a desert bathed by the Sea of Cortez. It is an ideal backdrop for a great number of attractions that the destination has to offer, such as sport fishing, surfing, golf and other recreational activities, such as pampering yourself in one of the sensational spas that can be found here.

Spas in Los CabosLos Cabos continues with the tradition that Rome began hundreds of years ago, where a social, spiritual and therapeutic value was associated with the contact with water, to the extent that the bath was considered an art. Thus, it is not difficult to recognize the term ''spa'' as an acronym from Latin ''salus per aquam'' which means "health through water". However, there is a possibility that the word "spa" is in honor of Spa, a Belgian town of the Roman era, precisely because its main attraction was its baths.

Spas in Los CabosRegardless of where the word comes from, the spas of Los Cabos can be described as sanctuaries of harmony and relaxation, where the properties of the water that emanates from the surroundings are held sacred. These surroundings revolutionized the traditional treatments by incorporating the richness of the floral diversity that is found in this unexpectedly desert landscape.

Spas in Los CabosLos Cabos features spas, where millennial methods proved to be effective to heal body and soul such as those of pre-Colombian and oriental origin, which blend the most updated technology and procedures. Therefore it is not difficult to find spas that offer temascal baths, Vichy showers and hydro massages.

Spas in Los CabosFor instance, Me by Melia Cabo, located in the city of Cabo San Lucas, features the Yhi Spa, a place with incredible infrastructure that represents the dazzling energy of Yhi, the light and life goddess according to the beliefs of Australian aborigines. Surrender to relaxing scents and enjoy sophisticated treatments performed in the style of the mystic Pericu rituals (name of an ethnic community that inhabited the region before the Spanish conquest) such as the Atepetl transformation, the Guaycura corn massage and the Tamaral purification.

Spas in Los CabosNot far from there, Riu Santa Fe offers the service of the Spa chain, Renova Spa, where you can revitalize your body and mind from the moment you walk into incense scented rooms with and aromatic candles. With 7 massage cabins, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, and a great number of options for relaxation, you will feel reborn. Vistazul Suites and Spa features natural surroundings as well as the most beautiful views of the destination while you feel how your body reacts to the selection of products made with wild flowers, aloe vera, clay, seaweed, mineral salts, stones and quartz crystals.

Spas in Los CabosDesire Resort and Spa, located in San Jose del Cabo, is the place to escape to the tranquility and indulgence of its services such as facials, individual or couple massages, sauna, Vichy showers and Jacuzzi.

One of the most stunning spas of Los Cabos Tourist Corridor is situated in Marquis, Los Cabos, where every corner keeps the holistic principle of creating an ambiance of harmony for your physical, emotional and spiritual self, with the aid of relaxation techniques that go from sophisticated beauty treatments, to profound massages in the light of the Milky Way.

Spas in Los CabosAlso in Los Cabos Tourist Corridor, Somma Wine Spa of Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos offers a design in green and purple tones that seem to have been inspired in the vineyards of Ensenada, inviting you to appreciate the culture of wine making. Enjoy the line of products Chardonnay exclusively created for this hotel while experiencing the benefits of the treatments made with a grape seed and wine base, such as the champagne body wrap and the beach rituals that will remind you of the grape harvest.

Spas in Los CabosWhen it comes to thalassotherapy centers, from Greek Thalasso (Sea) and Therapeia (Therapy), recognized worldwide for their therapeutic characteristics, you can find a Thalasso Spa in Los Cabos at Playa Grande Resort, which takes advantage of its proximity of the Sea of Cortez and provides personalized treatments using the benefits of this water and top of the line technology. Relax in the Jacuzzi, filled with sea water, and stimulate your body with treatments such as thalassotherapy, cromotherapy, vibromassage, aromatherapy and oligotherapy, among other such treatments.

There are diverse reasons to go to a spa: release the tension from everyday life, feel in sync with yourself, recover from a discomfort or simply as a treat to yourself because there is no better way than giving in to the luxury and attention of a spa. No matter what the occasion is, the spas of Los Cabos await you to fulfill your needs and provide unforgettable moments of intense wellness in a perfect scenario.