A Surf Paradise

Juan Pablo Pinzón

A surf paradise

Imagine yourself gliding across the waters of the Pacific, wind beneath your outstretched arms. Now imagine yourself surfing a wave, like the Polynesian chiefs used to over two thousand years ago. But instead of Hawaii, think of Los Cabos.Ã?Â

If you are traveling to Los Cabos, have an extraordinary vacation experience and take up a little surfing, where you can definitely get an adrenaline rush. Waves are good for all levels in this area so it's worth a visit. � 

On both the shores of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, there are excellent places to surf. Whether you are an expert surfer who wants to put skills to the test or are just a beginner who wants to have fun, the hotspots are here.Surfing in the Pacific Ocean

The most famous and lively beach in Cabo San Lucas is Medano Beach, with several miles of sandy beach. It is excellent for beginner surfers who want to learn the basics. The waters are calm and safe so you can learn with ease.

Costa Azul, in San Jose del Cabo, is one of the most popular beaches for surfers. From April to November, ride strong, fast waves considered to be the best of Los Cabos. It is located on Kilometer 28 of the Cabo San Lucas - San Jose del Cabo Tourist Corridor/Freeway. For the more experienced surfers, Los Barriles Beaches is the ideal surfing place, especially between December and March, when there are many surfers practicing from the early morning to take advantage of the best waves.

With waves that are taller than 7 feet high and a sea floor full of rocks and sea urchins, Monumento Beach is only for experts. Located on Kilometer 6.5 of the Cabo San Lucas -San Jose del Cabo Tourist Corridor/Freeway, it is one of the beaches where you will find waves from February to November.

Los Cabos is awaiting youLos Cerritos and La Pastora are places where local and international surfers gather to make the most of the famous waves that form all year long, particularly from November to April. Cerritos is located at Kilometer 65 of the Cabo San Lucas - Todos Santos Freeway. Take surfing lessons with experienced surfers who can show you the best tricks.

At the end of the day, after being in contact with nature, when you think there is nothing else to do, look up and watch the sunset. You will discover a spectacle not only for your eyes but also for your soul. Whether you want to learn surfing or you are a seasoned professional, Los Cabos is perfect for your every surfing need.