Surfing in Los Cabos: An Incredible Adventure

Juan Pablo Pinzón

Surfing in Los Cabos: An Incredible Adventure

The famous tourist destination of Los Cabos is perfect for a vacation full of fun and excitement. Ideal for surfing, this region is great for people looking to tame the ocean and ride the waves with the help of their surfboards. Nowadays, there are thousands of people who love this spectacular sport, and have access to the specialist equipment necessary to enjoy it.

The state of Baja California Sur is flanked by the Sea of Cortez on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, creating fantastic places to surf throughout the peninsula. Here, it doesn't matter whether you're an expert surfer or just a beginner you'll find somewhere perfect for your skill level, as Los Cabos and the surrounding area boasts excellent beaches for enjoying this exciting sport.

Cabo surf

El Medano Beach is possibly the most well-known and popular spot in Cabo San Lucas. It is about three miles long and the waves here are of a moderate size, making it ideal for people who are just learning how to stand on the board and master the basic surfing moves, before heading onto more difficult locations.

Located on the Tourist Corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, Costa Azul is a large beach with fine sand that hosts surfing championships between the months of April and November, when the waves are strongest and fastest. Make the most of the force of the waves to perform radical moves at this fantastic beach that's a favorite with surfers, especially during these eight months.

Those with enough experience can dare to visit the beach at Los Barriles, a picturesque village that is popular from December to March. During this time lots of surfers get up early to take advantage of the excellent waves.

Surf in CaboAn excellent place to surf and to enjoy other water sports is at the famous beach of Los Cerritos, located at Kilometer 65 on the highway connecting Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos. With lots of sand and fantastic waves throughout the year, Los Cerritos is ideal for people looking to take lessons from expert surfers, to learn from the best before heading out to conquer the waves for themselves.

At Kilometer 6.5 of the Tourist Corridor you'll find one of the locations recommended strictly for expert surfers: Monumentos Beach. Here the waves can reach more than six feet high, crashing against a backdrop of rocks and cliffs. The waves at the beach are great almost all year round, apart from the months of January and December.

The natural beauty of Baja California is something that is indelibly printed in the memories of those who have seen it. The beaches of Los Cabos are excellent for surfing, and well worth the visit, even if you're not a fan of the sport. At the end of the day, Mother Nature will leave you with an awe-inspiring gift: a sunset of incomparable beauty, something to remind you that the most valuable things in life are completely free.