Swimming With Dolphins in Los Cabos

Juan Pablo Pinzón

A vacation in Los Cabos wouldn't be the same without water activity tours, adventure tours, and animal interactions. Swimming with dolphins in Los Cabos combines a bit of everything to ensure you enjoy a fun and unforgettable experience with your family.

      • Swimming With Dolphins in Los CabosIf you're traveling with kids, the best thing to do is look specifically for dolphin swim programs for children, which are generally done by the edge of the pool. They let your little ones interact with the dolphins, kiss them, and touch them.
      • People that aren't confident swimmers can try out a dolphin encounter on a shallow platform. These programs normally feature various activities, including greeting the dolphin, hugging it, and even kissing it.
      • Swimming With Dolphins in Los CabosIf you're a good swimmer, you could try one of the programs swimming with dolphins in Los Cabos that allows you to free swim, play, and have fun with these friendly mammals. You can even take a trip on the dolphin's tummy when you try the "Belly Ride" activity.
      • If you're looking for more adrenaline and excitement, you can do the swimming with dolphins tour that includes the "Foot Push" activity, where two dolphins push you by your feet at top speed. You'll feel like you're flying across the surface of the water!

 Don't forget to plan a tour swimming with dolphins for your next family vacation in Los Cabos. Grab your towel and enjoy an unforgettable adventure with your family!