Swimming with Sea Lions on Isla Espiritu Santo

Nadia Pulido

Lobos Marinos en Isla Espíritu Santo

Photos: Arturo Jaguey

We set out on a boat navigating the waters of the Sea of Cortez in the state of Baja California Sur, making our way to the heart of Isla Espiritu Santo, a group of small islands near La Paz Bay.

Lobos Marinos en Isla Espíritu SantoThe sea is filled with a peaceful yet impressive beauty, with hundreds of ibis and seagulls flying over an immense rock covered on a colony of sea lions. This true sea lion habitat is like many others that exist throughout Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. At a closer glance, their howling becomes more and more intense to warn us of their presence.

We're overcome with excitement; there are eight of us plus a guide on our boat, which has been surrounded by the playful sea lions who spend time with their families, relax on the rocks, then return to the water to swim.

Lobos Marinos en Isla Espíritu SantoWe hop into the water and follow our guide toward what appears to be a window in the cliff. With snorkel gear firmly placed on our heads, we dive underneath and are amazed by the incredible aquarium lit up by the rays of sunlight, illuminating this colorful underwater paradise. Blue tang, sergeant major fish, angelfish, puffer fish, and damsel fish surround us. Further out, we see moray eels and starfish, but the sea lions are the true kings of this place.

Lobos Marinos en Isla Espíritu Santo

Surrounded by a rocky landscape covered in pitaya, Adam's Tree, gobernadora and jojoba set in warm turquoise waters, we experience an unforgettable moment filled with the strength of life. With our hearts beating strong, the magic of the water and the emerald blues are imprinted in our memories forever.

When it's time to go, the family of sea lions leaps into the water to play, search for food and teach their young ones to swim, and we realize that this instant will last for a lifetime.

Lobos Marinos en Isla Espíritu Santo

If you're traveling to La Paz, this tour is a must-see on your itinerary, so don't miss out! Grab your visor, snorkel and fins, and dive in to explore this fascinating island filled with captivating natural beauty.