The Estuary: A Sanctuary in San Jose del Cabo

Ángel Caballero García

San Jose del Cabo Estuary

Have you ever been to an estuary or a lagoon? An estuary forms at the mouth of a river, where it meets the sea. In the case of San Jose del Cabo, the river is Rio San Jose, which runs from the mountains to the Sea of Cortez, where it forms a lagoon with a fascinating combination of fresh and saltwater. The ecosystem that is created, a biological paradise in San Jose del Cabo, plays host to a diverse array of species.

The San Jose del Cabo Estuary is a sanctuary located in an area of 350 acres that is home to a large number of animals, including reptiles and fish that come to lay their eggs, along with migratory birds that stop off at the San Jose del Cabo Estuary to feed before continuing their journey. At the reserve you'll also find other species in danger of extinction, such as the Gray Thrasher and Xantus's Hummingbird.

Biological Paradise

The Estuary is one of the many attractions in San Jose del Cabo and has been declared as a protected area, due to its diverse selection of shrubs and other plants. During your time in the sanctuary you can enjoy a kayaking tour under the watchful eye of a qualified guide.

Come to San Jose del Cabo and search among the tours in San Jose del Cabo for one that will take you to San Jose del Cabo Estuary, exploring trails bordered by lush foliage and enjoying landscapes that form part of the identity of this stunning place in the state of Baja California Sur.