Land's End Arch

Luis Ernesto de la Garza Carballo

Land-s End ArchThe southernmost tip of the Baja CaliforniaPeninsula ends in a fascinating rock formation where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. "Land's End", also known as The Arch of Cabo San Lucas in Los Cabos, is surrounded by vast expanses of ocean; the rocks feature a peculiar arch sculpted over the centuries by the strength of the sea.

To see the Land's End Arch up close, you have to arrive by boat. A stretch of sand is uncovered during low tide, allowing you to walk under Land's End Arch on Playa del Amor (Lover's Beach), a safe and fascinating area alongside the Sea of Cortez. On the other side sits Playa del Divorcio (Divorce Beach), where the waters are too dangerous for swimming due to strong currents and waves.

Go to the Land's End ArchBoats can't get too close to the arch during high tide; the point where the ocean currents cross is the most dangerous area by far.

Discover this natural wonder and experience many other exciting activities on any of the tours in Los Cabos. You'll be able to fully enjoy the flavor of Los Cabos as you explore its amazing beaches and tour Land's End Arch, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don't wait! Land's End and many other Los Cabos attractions await you on your next vacation.


By Luis Ernesto de la Garza