The Incredible Opportunity to Touch a Whale

Fernando García Castro


My family and I decided to take a much needed vacation at one of the many fantastic hotels in Los Cabos. While there, we enjoyed spending time at the pool, sunbathing, building sandcastles, participating in recreational activities on the beach, dining out, exploring the surrounding area and shopping for souvenirs.

Ballena saltando

My parents made a reservation for something that sounded very interesting: a whale watching tour. These famous tours are the classic winter attraction along the coast of the Sea of Cortez. We excitedly boarded the boat and put on lifejackets as our guide gave an explanation of what we were going to see. I was anxiously anticipating seeing a giant whale up close. In fact, I had thousands of expectations, because up until now I had only seen whales in pictures and had no idea of their actual size.

Ballena saltando

Suddenly we saw jets of water shooting up out of the ocean like geysers just a short distance away. My mother screamed in delight and we all began shouting, “There they are! There they are!” It was one of the most exciting things I had ever seen.

The boat slowed down as it neared the whales and we could immediately sense their good nature. It was as if they realized we were friendly and they began showing off for us, raising their massive tails out of the water. It was simply incredible!

Tocando a la ballena

What I remember the most is one of the whales rolling over on her side and staring right at me with one of her enormous eyes. I was a little hesitant, but our guide encouraged us to reach out and give her a loving pat which she happily received. It was amazing to think that this massive creature could have tipped over the boat with just its tail.

It was an experience that I would gladly repeat with my children. I would love to take them to the same place in Los Cabos to see the whales up close, just to see their faces light up with amazement. I’m sure it would be unforgettable.

Escrito por Fernando García Castro