Todos Santos Art Festival

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Todos Santos Art Festival

Todos Santos, a small town named a "Pueblo Magico" (Magical Town) by the Mexican government, has plenty of excellent reasons for people to visit it, anytime of the year. It has tranquil cobblestone streets, Todos Santos, a Magical Towna relaxed, peaceful atmosphere, a wonderfully mild climate, and gorgeous pristine beaches located nearby. However, it's in the first months of the year when most travelers visit the town to meander through its small streets and mingle with the easy-going, local people.

Todos SantosOne of the main reasons for this influx of travelers to Todos Santos is the town's annual art festival. Founded over 10 years ago, the Todos Santos Art Festival offers a week-long series of events, shows and workshops that involve the entire townsfolk, the cultural centers and schools.

This year (2009), the festival will take place between January 31 and February 7, featuring a program brimming Todos Santos Art Festivalwith activities for both visitors and locals to enjoy. Throughout the week there will be all types of artistic expressions on display including an exhibition of beautiful regional handicrafts, which can also be purchased.

The festival will feature classical, baroque and flamenco concerts, as well as Todos Santos Art Festivalpresentations of regional and chamber music. There will be other activities to enjoy as well, such as the screening of international films, cooking displays featuring the local specialties of Todos Santos; folk dancing, contemporary dance, and even a concert performed using pre-Columbian instruments. The program also includes a whole host of plays, comical musical shows and activities for kids, including artistic and cultural workshops and theater for children. Certain events, videos and conferences will be translated into English and there will be a book fair as well.

Cabo eventsThe closing ceremony, like several of the festival's activities, will be held in the town's central plaza. It will feature traditional banda music, dancing and a performance by a visiting folkloric group from the state of Sinaloa.

However, beyond the original pieces of art you'll find at the festival, a visit to Todos Santos also constitutes a wonderful cultural experience in itself. Besides enjoying art exhibitions, musical performances and lectures, you will also be able to learn about those artists that have inhabited the town since long ago and, perhaps without even noticing, have made of their lives, step by step, a permanent work of art. You will meet artists that don't chisel wood or stone but rather their destinies; painters whose canvas is life and who try to display only beauty and hope on it; sculptors that don't model clay or metal, but Cabo eventstheir own timeline, and actors whose only mask is their sincere, unpretentious style of living.

Todos Santos is an extraordinarily quaint, special place and so is its art festival. If you are enthusiastic about culture and want to experience this event, then take advantage of the special offers for the hotels in Cabo San Lucas and La Paz, available on this site for a short time only.

Enjoy an unparalleled cultural experience in a truly unique place and meet a community where the lives of the people are authentic works of art, Todos Santos!

Todos Santos Art Festival