Todos Santos: A magical town in South Baja California

Paula Camera

Todos Santos

Right in between La Paz and Los Cabos there's a magical and colorful town, a getaway of hippies, artists and farmers:Todos Santos. You will need just one day to fall in love with this charming place where you will admire the most beautiful sunsets and behold the charm of an antique mission with its picturesque colonial architecture, desert beaches and cosmopolitan citizens. In Todos Santos the air is purer and the temperature is fresher there than anywhere else in the area.

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In recent years this lovely, magical town, built in 1733 and originally known as Santa Rosa de las Palmas, has become a romantic refuge of international artists who have made this place their second home. Also, surfers have found atTodos Santos three of most beautiful beaches in the world: Los Cerritos, San Pedrito and La Pastora, ideal spots for practicing their favorite pastime and enjoying the sun and idyllic white sandy beaches still unspoiled by man.


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The charm of this place quickly takes hold of its visitors beginning with the approach road whose solitary curves are surrounded by alternating landscapes of mountains, mango orchards, sown fields and the ocean. Upon arrival, Todos Santos' antique colonial buildings, which in days past were used to store sugar, will tell you something about its rich past when bakeries and candy stores were established by the sugar industry.

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From La Paz and Los Cabos, it is just a two-hour bus ride to Todos Santos where you won't find stores, fast-food restaurants or discos but whose friendly people are accustomed to living at a relaxed pace, enjoying and taking care of nature and taking part in the cultural diversity of their community. If you take a stroll through the streets you will admire colonial architecture and 19th century buildings, the Culture House Museum, the gorgeous church, art galleries and picturesque handicraft stores.


todos santosAt Todos Santos the desert, mountains and the ocean live in the same ecosystem that have made this place an attractive destination for people from all over the world. Don't miss the chance to visit the array of restaurants and charming coffee shops built on adobe structures with their backyards full of flowers while experiencing its people's warmth. The gastronomy of the area is rich in flavors such as Mexican and Italian as well as vegetarian specialties.



hotel california

Nobody knows for sure if the Eagles ever spent a night at the Hotel California here or if this magical place at a lost spot in Mexico inspired them to write the lyrics to the famous song of the 70's. Nevertheless, without any doubt this hotel is a huge attraction at Todos Santos.

As the urban legend has it, Don Henley, the Eagles' singer, stayed at the Hotel California in the 70's and he became so amazed that almost magically he started writing the lyrics. Despite the fact that Don Henley has denied the rumors in many interviews he has given, the place keeps its mystique that continues to attract thousands of travelers wanting to be part of the legend and have their picture taken in front of the hotel that still has its original arches faade and pleasant restaurant: La Coronela.


"Welcome to the Hotel California, such a lovely place, anytime of the year, you can find it here..."