Alternative Tourism in Baja California Sur

César Lozano


The Baja California peninsula is a long strip of land that hangs off the continent as if it were embracing the Pacific Ocean. The southern tip is home to several of the most important tourist destinations in our country, like San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, better known for destinations likeLos Cabos, Loreto, La Paz, Todos Santos, as well as many other places like the desert and the sea. These two elements come together and create a place of incredible beauty which is perfect for alternative tourism.

Places in CabosImagine yourself getting up early to head out to a nearby village to eat and to try the local cuisine, like burritos, clams or other seafood that you can only get in the area. Once you've eaten your fill, go about in a kayak through the bays and discover the mysteries that they hold. Enjoy the beaches and the sand dunes and see if you can spot a grey whale during whale watching season in marvelous Magdalena Bay.

These strange creatures, which seem to have come out of a book on the prehistoric age, are protected by the Mexican government and by the locals who welcome them back, year after year. They will captivate you with their song, their dance and their peculiar form of interacting with humans.

Interesting Places in Cabos Further north, there is a town called San Ignacio where you can find a lagoon that goes by the same name, and where you can enjoy a beautiful day contemplating the town church which dates back to colonial times. There is also a lovely plaza with places to sit in the shade, under the boughs of laurel trees. In this picturesque town, you can also buy sweets made of dates, a fruit that is very typical of the region.

Dunes in Cabos Finally, there is Guerrero Negro, a place that divides the peninsula into the two Baja Californias. It is where you can find the Ojo de Liebre Lagoon, known internationally as the site where you can go whale watching and where you can find salt mountains and extensive white plains. This is the spot of the largest salt processing plant in the world.

It is impossible to mention all the towns and places of incredible beauty where alternative tourism forms a part of the life here. It is here in these towns and in the areas surrounding, however, where you can find an endless number of things to do.

Tours in Cabos When you visit Baja California Sur, put together a trip that includes a mix of things to do. Take advantage of the infrastructure and convenience of these wonderful tourist destinations. Discover cave drawings, the flora and fauna, the missions, kayaking through a number of the oases of the area and much more. I guarantee that this state will offer you unforgettable moments.

Written by César Lozano Díaz