Underwater Adventures in Los Cabos

Juan Pablo Pinzón

Dive into the crystalline waters of the Pacific Ocean in Los Cabos and discover a majestic underwater world. In Los Cabos, there's a fantastic variety of options available for enjoying an unforgettable adventure beneath the waves.

    • Have an unforgettable experience exploring the wonderful underwater scenery of Santa Maria Bay. Spend a fun day out on the snorkel lunch tour, and enjoy spectacular underwater adventures in Los Cabos.

    • Experience an incredible day snorkeling in Cabo Plumo, a beautiful national park offering the only coral reef system on the west side of the American continent. This adventure takes you to see an almost endless variety of tropical fish, crustaceans, and coral formations.

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    • Those looking for a more exclusive experience can enjoy a lovely cruise through beautiful Cabo San Lucas bay until you find a perfect place to snorkel.

Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy one of these incredible water activities in Los Cabos during an unforgettable vacation in Los Cabos!