Keeping Fit While on Vacation: Visiting Cabos

Fumiko Nobuoka

Keeping Fit While on Vacation in Los Cabos

Going on vacation doesn't always mean you have to stuff yourself to the hilt at the All Inclusive buffet. Los Cabos is a place where you can find fun in the sun and get a little bit of exercise in edgewise. So before you resign yourself in going back home 10 pounds heavier (and not exactly in carry on luggage), discover your wild side and try your hand at the variety of activities you can take part in. If adventure is what you're looking for (where you can burn a couple of calories to boot), and keeping fit is part of your travel itinerary, try working in one of the many activities that you can find in Cabos. If you're adventurous or looking to see if you're up to the challenge, Los Cabos is perfect for those who wish to do something out of the ordinary and off the beaten track. Action-packed adventures are available for all athletic levels and are great for a change of scenery.

La Paz Carnival 20094X4s and Off-Roading

Desert + beautiful scenery = off-roading adventures. Choose from a whole array of different options which can take you through the desert, whether it be on ATVs or 4x4s. This is another way to see Los Cabos. Get out and explore. Experienced guides make safety a number one priority so enjoy seeing the scenic beauty of desert fauna and flora. Tequila tasting trips are also available.

Keeping Fit While on Vacation in Los CabosBoating

Have you ever wanted to see what sailing in a professional America's Cup competition is like? Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of working in a crew while sailing with the ocean breeze in your face? You can form a part of a team and for a couple of hours, learn how to sail like a pro. Compete against another group and live an adventure on the high seas.

You can also find catamarans, dining cruises and party boats, for those who wish to stay at sea after the adventure.


If you're looking for dry land workouts, try hiking through the desert. There are excursions you can take to the surrounding areas. Get a tour guide who will be glad to explain the flora and fauna of the region and take you to all the best spots for an extremely scenic hike.

Keeping Fit While on Vacation in Los CabosHorseback Riding

If you want something a little more quiet than an off-roading experience, try the pace of a horseback ride. Whether you're an expert rider or are just starting out, come and experience Los Cabos on your mount, taking in the beautiful landscapes. Enjoy the deserts and beaches of the peninsula on your trusty steed and ride off into the sunset.

Keeping Fit While on Vacation in Los CabosKayaking

For that upper body strength, try kayaking around Medano Beach or Lover's Beach. You'll find less traffic in the Tourist Corridor and by Chileno Beach. This is always a great opportunity to perhaps see schools of fish, manta rays or even whales swimming by.

Keeping Fit While on Vacation in Los CabosMountain Biking

For those extreme sport enthusiasts, mountain biking is the perfect way to spend a day. Rock hop and fly over the gravel as you race down single tracks in the surrounding areas of Los Cabos. Some of the trails are not for the weak of heart so if you have a little mountain biking experience and don't mind getting a little dirty, look into this option.

La Paz Carnival 2009Snorkeling/Diving

With as much water as there is around the peninsula, snorkeling and scuba diving are definitely options if you like exploring the underwater worlds that surround Los Cabos. Brightly colored exotic fish and even sea lions can be seen in the area. For those that are more experienced divers, the famous underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau has documented a 90-foot dive in an area called the Sandfalls. There are plenty of areas to test your skills and practice so give it a try.

Keeping Fit While on Vacation in Los CabosZiplining

This is a great way to get a bird's eye view of the wilderness of Los Cabos, as you zip along cables, harnessed to a pulley, flying over the ground and whizzing through the trees. There are tours that offer this activity plus rappelling and walking suspension bridges so come and discover the adventurous side in you.

All these activities can be found in Los Cabos so experience the great outdoors, Mexican style, and enjoy your vacation. You've got sun, good food and a good set of memories to be had so live it up and enjoy! Get some quality time in and see another side ofLos Cabos!